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Your Guide to Millennial Marketing

Guest blogger Jamie Doyle from HeyOrca!  gives us a birds-eye-view into being a millennial in marketing… What comes to mind when you think of the word millennial? Some people might think entitled or impatient. I know of certain parents who may consider a certain millennial ‘lazy’ (sorry if my 5 classes and part-time job leaves me needing a nap). […]

Why Working Remotely Is Serious Business

The stigma surrounding working from one’s basement needs to be eradicated and instead recognized as a benefit and privilege. Hands down there are more advantages to a flexible and mobile work set-up for “office work” than disadvantages. Of course there are plenty of jobs where a person is required to be at a particular location at a […]

6 Best Practices to Community Building & Reputation Management

Top Tip PARTICIPATE: Interact with influencers who have large followings consisting of your target audience. Write comments on their posts that add value to the conversation and you’ll attract new followers. And of course, respond to your fans as soon as possible. Watch the full webinar below or check out the presentation deck on our SlideShare page. Visit […]

6 Tips for Writing Content that Converts

We’ve invited our friends at Hey Orca! to collaborate with us on creating blog content. We use their amazing web application to plan and schedule social media content for ourselves and our clients. Guest blogger Jamie Doyle understands what it takes to make great content. Check out her tips below… Creating well researched and well written content is not an […]

How to Segment Your Audience for Facebook Targeting

Knowing your audience is crucial to your brand’s success. The more effort you put into segmenting your potential customers into niche profiles based on interests and what’s called psychographics (attitudes, aspirations, values) the more you’re able to speak to them in a way that resonates. This is how you convert people to taking action, whether […]

#JustGame – Thwarting Trolls & Cyber Bullies With Positivity

Motivated by the negativity associated with #GamerGate, we want to divert attention from cyber-bullies and harmful trolls by flooding the Internet with positivity. Read our full manifesto here: justgame.antennasocial.ca Do you love playing games? Are you interested in promoting a culture of diversity, inclusivity, and positivity, online? #JustGame with us! On Feb 28 we’ll stream […]