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What you’ll get out of this program.

Christina show you how to improve your business online by walking you through creating a plan, setting up social media and online marketing automation, and creating best practices.
You’ll implement what you learn on your own website & social networks.
It takes a little time to set it all up, but by the end of the program, you’re social media & online marketing will be a well-oiled machine.
Oh, and you’ll also pick up some fundamentals of online marketing along the way!

Learn how to improve your business online through:

  • Setting up & managing email marketing.
  • Creating a landing page that entices visitors to become followers.
  • Attracting the right customers with engaging social media.
  • Making social media and online marketing easy for you and/or your team.
  • Learn how to attract the right customers.

  • Discover how to enrich your online content.

  • Create an efficient social media & email marketing system.

  • Program Begins: Online Marketing for Small Businesses

    How to improve your business online.

  • Course 1

    Attract your audience – first you need a plan.

    Course 1

  • Course 2

    Make it easy for yourself – systematize & automate.

  • Course 3

    Be strategic – what to post & when to post it.

    Course 3

Budget-friendly Design Help

Are you a designer looking for feedback on your latest logo, print, or web project? Or perhaps you’ve hired a freelance designer and would like to have an outside, unbiased review of the work. Get fast feedback from a seasoned designer with 18+ years of experience.

What is “Crit My Design”?

  • An online Creative Director to help you improve your design work so you can move on to the next project.

What do I get?

  • A brief video where our Creative Director, Greg, provides feedback on your design. Greg will talk through his suggestions while sketching over the sample you provided.


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