Antenna’s 4 Pillars of Sharable Content

Social networks favour content that is popular and widely shared. For example, Facebook will show your organic (aka unpaid) content to a small percentage of your fans as soon as you post it, if the fans who see your post like it, share it, or comment on it, Facebook will display that post to more of your fans.

When a post is interesting enough for your fans to share it to their network – that’s how you attract new customers.

Use Antenna’s 4 Pillars of Sharable Content when creating your social media:

1. Be Helpful

Provide amazing tips to make life easier. Your audience is more likely to share content that they think their friends will find useful, as well.

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2. Be Emotional

Pull on heartstrings and tickle funny bones. This is why cute kittens and puppy dogs rule the Internet.

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3. Create A Sense of Belonging

Creating content that makes people feel like they belong to a special community or shared experience.

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4. Be Awe Inspiring

Bring a sense of wonder to someone’s day. People love to share stories that are bizarre, quirky, unbelievable, or even shocking.

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