Online Content Marketing Assessment

Take our assessment below so we can better understand your business needs.

  • About You

  • This will be our primary contact.
  • Consider the vision and mission for your business and distill into one or two sentences.
  • Your Objectives

  • Your Audience

  • Feel free to list up to 3 audience segments here. Be as specific as you can.
  • Your Competitors & Influencers

  • List anyone you think is providing a service or product similar to yours or targeting the same audience. List any websites, Facebook Pages, Instagram Accounts or any other online presence that you like or think is doing a great job.
  • Your Online Marketing Tactics

    Which online platforms do you use? Provide the links in the appropriate spaces below.
  • Vine? Periscope? SnapChat? BeMe? EventBrite? Do you have any apps?
  • This includes boosting posts on Facebook, promoting Twitter accounts, promoting status updates on LinkedIn.