Tonight I am diving into making a graphical map of my social media experiments and the first thing I want to do is find some cool icons to represent properties like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

This inspired me to share with you my go-to creative source: Creative Commons.

This will be a brief post simply to say that Creative Commons is an amazing Open Source concept for copyright materials. If you want to use original audio, images, video, illustrations – you name it – this is where to find it! And for FREE. Their search includes flickr images, YouTube videos and Jamendo for music amongst other things.

The deal is that artists/content creators can select from a variety of licenses to attach to their creations. The artist determines the level of “sharing” that they want their creation to have… including options for remixing, not-for-profit use, commercial use and more. Then content sourcers like myself and other bloggers, YouTubers etc. can go and find content that meets their needs. It is amazing how much content is out there that you can use for free as long as you credit the user. If you are using it for commercial purposes just watch that the license allows for that. If it doesn’t, that usually means you can contact the artist and pay a royalty fee directly to them.

Just go to their website and check it all out… they explain it all better than I do 🙂

For example this image of Confederation Bridge is mine and I have provided a CC license to allow use & remix but not for commercial use.

I am so inspired by the Students LIVE and Historica-Dominion bloggers that I want to do my own post. I have been in action non-stop for about 2 weeks now and the lack of sleep is making me feel ooooooooold, but I am having so much fun!

There are a lot of stories that I want to tell and the truth is I probably should hold a lot of it in until I read my confidentiality agreement a bit more closely BUT, here are some highlights of my Vancouver 2010 experiences so far…

– Opening Ceremonies live
– Hanging out with some really cool teens who are blogging about Vancouver 2010
– Going backstage after phenomenal Stars and Hey Rosetta! concert
– Witnessing 350 aboriginal youth speak of their hopes and challenges at the Youth Dialogue event
– Nevermore performed at Push Festival
– Tracing Night by Ed Pien (visual art instillation at Vancouver Museum)
– Enjoying curling!!
– Amazing weather which is bringing out the cherry blossoms
– Witnessing this quiet “no fun Vancouver” turn into a party city! Never thought it was possible, even with the Games!
– Knowing that the bottle collectors are benefiting from the extra business and that all lost and found articles after a period of time are being donated to an organization that helps people who live on the streets (it is more complicated than this but there it is…)

Hopefully I will have time to put up another update soon. In the meantime check me out on CTV watching the Ladies Super G!!


Also check out my photos on flickr:


Today we are in orientation/training for the Students Live hosts. These are students are from grades 8 – 12 and will be attending events – both sport and cultural – during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games.

It is a really cool group of students with a diverse range of talents and passions. They will explore all aspects of the Games, even the controversial.

Hope you will tune in and check them out!!

Join the Facebook group (Students Live), Twitter (studentslive) and of course go to the main site which will be aggregating their content:


This is one of two ugly little dollies I made for Anna & Helena – the daughters of my special friends 🙂

Today I would like to brag about some of my friends in Calgary who I haven’t spoken with in ages but follow as closely as I can via facebook and their blogs. Both of these gals have been best friends of mine and my roommates at one point or another.

I will begin with Pamela Coulombe who is the proud owner of Candy Apple Apparel – 50’s style aprons with a fashonista flair. You can see what she has for sale and also order custom made aprons at Check out a sneak peak of her recent photo shoot at her blog:

That leads me to another talented and noteworthy friend from Calgary – Amy Baxter. She helped Pamela out by providing photography for the Candy Apple shoot. She has been studying photography since she was a teenager and I am so proud to see her going full force with it these days! Check out her work at her blog:

I love featuring my talented friends so I think I will start doing that more often! I seem to be surrounded by uber talented people so watch for updates on their cool creations.

Until next time…

Vegas shots posted to flickr…

Ol’ blog friends – I have new photos on flickr and have started a photo-blog. What I mean is that I have started posting photos taken with my iphone to flickr in a set to describe visually what is going on at a given point in my day. It would be nice to do it everyday for a 365 day view but that just won’t happen.

I will post the feed on the sidewall so that the latest shot will be delivered here as well as on flickr. (or click here!)

In more news, I have started running. Something I thought I would never ever ever ever do. It just seems to be the best and quickest way to get a bit more fit. I am actually enjoying it. I believe it is because I am not trying to do a marathon or half marathon – just simply running for the peace of mind and body shaping. Currently I am working towards 5km running 10min walk 1 in three sets (well the third set is only 6min right now). This means that 30 mins of running is all I will do. I am quite happy with that. A half hour run a day is actually enjoyable.

Ok, enough of that. My kitty is driving me bonkers.
peace out y’all

My dear friend Claire has inspired me to buy the pro account from flickr. All of a sudden all these photos I posted years ago have been released back to me for organization. The up-side of being sick (cough cough sneeze sneeze) means that I had plenty of time to organize my shots into sets and collections.

I have even started a photoblog on flickR. Basically that just means I am going to try to take a photo a day with my iphone of something that is happening around me.

Here is my fave set so far – “light”.