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A frequent question I’ve been asked lately is “can I use images off the Internet in my social media feeds or is that copyright infringement?”. Of course the answer is always “it depends” so let’s talk about the best ways to use found images on your blogs, website, or social networks.

The best way to share any content, no matter what media type, is to keep the original source link with the content. It’s all about promoting someone else’s content and showing yourself or your brand as an expert curator on a topic, rather than claiming that content as your own.

For example, below is a YouTube playlist we created to showcase content marketing we think is clever. The videos are streaming from their original channels, but through a playlist we created on our channel and have embedded here:

This means that whenever someone watches a video in our playlist, the views will be noted on the original source video and the user can easily click through to the channel where it’s streaming from.

You can do this with images, as well. Below I’ve just inserted an image into this blog using the “Insert From URL” option in the “Add Media” dialogue box, plus I made the image a link to the article where I found the image. To be even more copyright friendly, I’ve added a caption stating the name of the article. The only trouble with this method, is if that if the host ever changes the link, the image below will no longer be displayed.

Family watching tv while using mobile devices.

The reinvention of the 1950s living room

Here’s an example from social media – we tweeted someone’s Vine and the video maintains the original username and when clicked on, takes you to the Vine owner’s channel.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.37.44 AM

There will be some cases where you might want to create your own graphics, perhaps by creating an inspirational quote or a holiday card. In those cases, if you don’t have original photography or illustrations to use, you’ll need to obtain the license to use someone else’s imagery.

I recommend purchasing stock images or looking for Creative Commons images.

Creative Commons has a variety of licensing options, and you can search for free images that you can use at this link: The thing is that with most of the CC licenses, you need to credit the owner, so you may need to provide a caption with the artist’s name and potentially link to their site.

Be sure to look for the license and then click through to see what’s involved in using the image. In this example, the license says “Some rights reserved”.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.51.01 AM

When I clicked on “Some rights reserved”, I received instructions on how I could use that image:

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.53.07 AM

Here’s how I could use that image:

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 11.01.11 AM

If you don’t want to credit the image owner and want to “white label” the image or claim it as your own, you want a non-attribution license which comes with a fee. I recommend the following stock image sites where you can purchase the license to use the images as your own:

I hope that helps and please let us know if you have any questions about creating content for your brand!

~ Christina, Owner & Strategist at Antenna Social Media & Design

Please note: I’m not a lawyer and I recommend consulting with someone who focuses in copyright law if you have any doubts about the content you are posting.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably already heard about “SMART” goals. This type of goal setting is just as important to your social media strategy as to your business planning.

Here’s a re-cap using a Social Media context:

Image from:

Goal: To increase Antenna Social’s online presence.

This goal is vague and difficult to measure so it can never be checked off that ever growing to-do list. So, let’s make it SMART.

SPECIFIC: “Online presence” means a lot of things. Pick something specific, it may turn one goal into several goals but then you’ll have more to check off your list 🙂

Updated goal: Gain new fans to Antenna Social’s Facebook Page.

MEASURABLE: How does one measure “gain new fans”? If we get 2 new fans, can we check it off our to-do list? We’d end up putting it back on our to-do list as soon as it’s checked off!

Updated goal: Gain 1000 new fans to Antenna Social’s Facebook Page.

ATTAINABLE: Looking at the original goal, is it realistic? That depends on all the other aspects of the goal. I think we should move this to the end which would make the acronym SMRTA goals, which just doesn’t have the same ring. So let’s revisit after looking at the other pieces.

RELEVANT: Is the goal relevant to your business and its success? In our case, we’re a Social Media business so having a robust online presence is very important. Looking at the updated goal, Facebook is a key Social Network that will help all our other networks grow. Check mark! Although it is good to consider at this point what 1000 fans will do for our business. Having a smaller amount of fans who are engaged is better than having a large following that aren’t really interested in your content. So I’ll revise it to 500 instead.

Updated goal: Gain 500 new fans to Antenna Social’s Facebook Page.

TIME BASED: How can we measure a goal without setting a due date? In the original goal there is no date – so after 2 years we could look back and say, “Hey, we achieved our goal!” but is that doing our business any favours? Probably not. Set a due date so that you can check it off your list sooner! Consider breaking your initial goal into multiple goals such as a short term goal and a long term goal. Heck, you can get really serious and set a really long term goal.

Updated goal: Gain 500 new fans to Antenna Social’s Facebook Page by June 1, 2013.

Now review the goal and check back in on whether it is ATTAINABLE or not. What would we have to do to gain 500 new fans in one month? Paid ads, contest, more time and effort on content production… is the return on our investment worth spending the time and $ building that many fans? At this point in our business, it just isn’t realistic so we should drop the number to something more attainable within the time frame and budget. At this point you may want to re-jig the dates or break it into multiple goals as mentioned in the TIME BASED explanation.

Updated goal: Gain 50 new fans to Antenna Social’s Facebook Page by June 1, 2013. Have a total of 500 fans on Antenna Social’s Facebook Page by Oct 1, 2013. Have 1000 Facebook Fans by Jan 1, 2014.

Ok, go set some Social Media SMRTA goals now! er, I mean SMART goals.

People buy from people – relationships are the key to sales. 

Interview Excerpt:

Social media has exponentially increased the amount of people you can connect with, which means you can develop relationships with thousands of people for less time and money than with traditional networking.

Creating a strategy doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and it is a valuable investment.
Businesses are seeing 4 times their return on investment (ROI) for time spent in social media and those using advertising programs such as Facebook’s FBX are seeing 16 times their ROI!
Boutique agencies, like ourselves, will build a strategy that help you use social media most effectively for your specific needs. Your strategy can be set up in a modular fashion with iterations tailored to your budget.

Strategies are your road map to guide you in your social media marketing decisions. Social media is all about who you should be connecting with and what sort of content you should be creating or sharing from others.

A Social Media Strategy provides you with advice and guidance – it tells you who you should be connecting with and what sort of content you should be creating or sharing from others. Your strategy should include the following:

  • Review of your overall business goals, not necessarily specific to social media. Do you want to increase sales? Improve customer service? Expand to a new market?

  • Definition of your target audiences to show that your Social Media Consultant understands your business.

  • A list of measurable goals that the strategy is working towards.
  • Recommended online goals.
  • Specific social media campaigns with examples including which platforms to use and which to spend most of your efforts on.

Many businesses think that “if you build it they will come” but simply creating a Facebook page will do very little for your business. You need to be active on the platforms you choose, in order to be successful in social media.  It is similar to face-to-face networking – the more interactive you are, the more likely people will remember you (your business) and you will gain their trust and respect.

Another common mistake is that many people will hire companies that simply promise to increase your number of followers. What will you do with thousands of followers who don’t care about your business? You are more likely to find qualified leads (potential clients who convert to sales) with a smaller amount of followers that have been targeted by a well-reasoned campaign, than by randomly finding thousands of people who will follow for the sake of following. 
Your clients are on social media so if you don’t have a plan you are risking missing out on conversations about your brand AND you are definitely losing money in the form of potential clients. Social media is the best way to gain Search Engine Optimization, brand recognition, and find qualified leads.

To see my full interview by Ronalda Walsh check out her blog “Insight: A window into the world of communications & pr”.

Christina Adams, Director Social & Digital Media, Antenna Social Media + Design

The year 2011 has been an incredibly strange roller coaster for me – and the rest of the world, it seems.
Of course recently the death of a technological and corporate icon Steve Jobs had a huge impact on the world. At one point I noticed 7 out of 10 Twitter trending topics had to do with Apple and Steve Jobs.
I have heard some people call him this era’s Thomas Edison and others chastise him for exploiting the environment and people’s psyches for his own capital gain. There is truth from all perspectives. To me, he truly was a culture changer – the iPod came out only 10 years ago, the iPhone less than 5! Although he may not have literally done the engineering for each of these paradigm shifting gadgets, he lead the development of everything about Apple products. That is pretty darn impressive.
The socialist inside of me does rage against corporations who don’t consider our environment as part of their bottom line. There is also an element of elitism built into the Apple brand that is frustrating… advertisements preying on our need to belong and exclude others (I’m a mac, you’re a pc). I have fallen for that time and again and pull myself out only to get swept back into it.
However the greatest achievement of Steve Jobs was to put the power of mass communication into the palms of billions of people. Being able to access mass Internet social messaging via a portable device is remarkable and absolutely world changing. I realize Apple was not the only company to build a mobile device that accesses the Internet, but Apple pushed the boundaries and drove the world market. This is what enabled countries like Egypt, Yemen and Syria to share information, rally people together to revolutionize their governments. Communication is always at the heart of revolutions.
I hope that Apple will continue to nurture culture changing creators. The future will show us if Mr. Jobs created a legacy organization or simply took advantage of his time while he was with us. This retrospective shows how Steve Jobs became an icon through his keynote deliveries at Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conferences: 
The iPhone was first launched in 2007 and was available in Canada with the iPhone 3 back in 2008. My life was altered in such a positive way… and still 3 years later I feel the same about this incredible device. 
Here is what I love about the iPhone: 
  • the ability to communicate with multiple people in multiple ways from anywhere
  • awesome text messaging 
  • having a map of ANYWHERE in my pocket 
  • my address book is backed up to my computer 
  • instant directions to someone in my address book from my current location 
  • calendar backed up on my computer 
  • bus times and stop locations built in to my maps 
  • alarm clock 
  • and of course THE INTERNET (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Netflix) 
I have used other smartphones… my mom has a Samsung that runs Android. It just does not work as well and is not as user-friendly as my darling iPhone. Soooooooooooo… having reached my 3 year contract cycle end with Rogers, I decided to get the new iPhone 4S, squeeeeeeeee!! 
The features of the new iPhone compared to my iPhone 3 are just outstanding – I can turn my phone into a wireless device so my iPad or laptop can use cellular Internet when no other wifi is available; it takes HD video and has a waaaaaaaaay better camera and of course now there is Siri. The line-up was an experience unto itself which you can follow through my twitter history for Oct 14th here:

(Select Oct 14th from drop down…)

(If that doesn’t work, you can go to my twitter profile OR check out the snapshots below.)
Now the socialist in me will check out Occupy Vancouver because people like me are also part of the 99% (and Steve Jobs was definitely part of the 1%).

It is a humid night in Vancouver… a grey day that seemed to be trying to find fall but summer has lingered. Many of you have heard me say it, “September is the new August”. I stand by my statement.

Third Beach Friday Sep 9, 2011

 I am just home after an inspiring evening with a long-time friend and creative collaborator – @MarleneMaddison who introduced me to her friend @NelsonLeis who created an award winning web series called The Jim. Nelson is off to France in a few weeks to attend the exclusive Marseille WebFest, ooh la la!

I just love talking to other creators who have spark and passion. I have been meeting with Marlene once a week for almost a year now to help each other with our creative projects. This has made such a difference in my life. We have both created so much more material than we would have if we hadn’t been meeting and bouncing ideas, talking each other off ledges and generally reminding each other of our awesome talents!

In other news, we have had a bit of movement on the NFB educational film companion app. We finally met with the team that will be helping us see this project to fruition. They seem like very interesting and creative people, which is exciting. I learned why in business they say you always have to be prepared to pitch… I thought we were through with the pitching for this project because we had gotten through that phase with the education team but now that we are working with this new team, called “English Production”, I really should have had a polished pitch for them. Instead, Greg (via Skype) and I stumbled through our proposal which was ok but not as inspirational as I could have done. Either way, we are back to waiting on their follow up… the government has its own time-space continuum. [omg, continuum has 2 “u”s in a row… what a rockstar that word is!]

Image by:

I will end this post with my top 5 tweeps of the day (these can all be found on my twitter a-list, btw):


Goodnight digigks!

I have been asked quite often lately what I think of Google+. Well, that is a long complicated answer. I will shorten it by providing bullet points.


  • one account to rule them all!
  • my notifications show up when I am checking my gmail on my computer
  • it is organized in an interesting and easy to understand fashion


  • very few of my friends and colleagues are on it
  • mobile integration for my iPhone and iPad is not happening… although I have not looked for an app yet
  • I already have a very active facebook and twitter life, I don’t need to do the same thing on another platform
See the “0” beside my name on the upper right side? That is where notifications appear.

Overall, I think that google+ is too late. I actually thought google wave was really cool but the challenge with both of those products is getting people to sign up for YET ANOTHER SOCIAL SITE. I believe integration is the key to anything new – integrating easily into what users are already doing and particularly on their mobile devices.

In other news… I am experimenting with entertainment in the form of online gaming (via ps3) and chatting with “talkers”. If you have any suggestions or stories to share I’d love to hear them!

As for PinkPom’s app developments, we are wading through some red tape with the NFB to get our educational app started. We are also looking for partners to help us create the Media Undone app that won us our award in Cannes. I’ve re-posted the video.