Iris Kirby House Logo

A caterpillar is bound to the earth until it undergoes its transformation into a free and fluttering butterfly. We use this symbol to represent the change a woman undergoes under the care of Iris Kirby House.

Iris Kirby House wanted a new look and feel to represent the organization, the support offered, and the hope and transformation that women and children experience when they come through the shelter doors. Inspired by a local species of butterfly called the “Silvery Blue” with beautiful blue and lavender tones in its wings, we created a brand to represent the essence of Iris Kirby House.

This icon shows the moment of first flight of a butterfly, wings flapping with new life. The use of colour and transparency conveys movement, flight, and transformation. The logo transforms from purples (symbolizing non-violence against women) to blues (symbolizing freedom, calm & peace). The various shades are used to mimic motion of the fluttering wings in an almost freeze-frame style – this illustrates moving forward but also is a metaphor for this transformative process.

We’re thrilled to help illustrate the vision of Iris Kirby House in this new iteration of their brand, website, brochures, and posters.