In light of a controversial social thread called #GamerGate, we hosted a 12-hour video gaming event to promote positivity and inclusivity in the gaming community on Feb 28, 2015.

Our goal was to divert attention from cyber-bullies and harmful trolls by flooding the Internet with positivity. We streamed the video live and posted to social networks – watch the highlights in the playlist above.

Be sure to check out the discussion we held at midnight.

#JustGame Manifesto

The wonderful thing about gaming is its diversity. In no other medium can you become a warrior, a thief, a zombie hunter, a robot, a man, a women, or anything or anyone in between. This creates a common ground so that physical ability, gender, and ethnicity are invisible and we get to #JustGame.

Gamers have so often been depicted as the misfits and oddballs of society – often outcast in our face-to-face communities, we found a safe space where we can express ourselves and play around with identity through gaming. The Internet has enabled us to find each other and be proud of our differences. And for so many people, it’s simply a way to have fun.

So what’s the problem?

Unfortunately we are human and those of us who develop and create marketing for games are doing so in a world that often over-sexualizes women and segregates minorities and those with disabilities. Things are changing, but we still have a long way to go to reach that beautiful world so many of us create in our gaming scenarios.

This is why #GamerGate is a problem. It started from a negative place and, though it has been a forum for discussing ethics in gamer journalism, it has been taken over by a threatening and abusive minority who are giving a bad name to gamers.

Let’s show the world that the word “gamer” is inclusive and diverse. That the gaming world is made up of beautiful, positive souls. Let’s raise up our supportive voices to drown out the negative ones – flooding the Internet with positive stories about why we’re gamers, game developers, and even game critics continuously working towards a better world. Let’s #JustGame.

Hello #JustGame friends,
A seriously big thank you to you all for helping make this event fun, interesting & with amazing live stream quality!
It really boggles my mind what can be accomplished with no budget when you have the right people on-board.
  •  $200 donated to Iris Kirby House – this was an awareness campaign but it was nice to drop a few bucks to a worthy organization
  • 300 people tuned in to watch the stream, half on this site and the other half on Twitch
  • 13,000 people were reached with the #JustGame tag
  • 6,700 people reached through our tweets
  • Engagement rate was very high
  • Our most active tweet was:

  • Our biggest influencers were: @Bonniegrrl (Bonnie Burton), @CBCNL, and @AAntlersNL (Angela Antle).
Thanks again to the amazing #JustGame team and to our participants from near and far!